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Mini Hermes Crossbody

Mini Hermes Crossbody

"Jacob called and said he had received a tornado alert on his phone. He said we needed to get up to his house and get in the safe room," Rick said.

"We were all packed in that room," Karen said. "We were in there about 10 minutes, I guess. I was playing with the grandkids, trying to keep them distracted. Some of the others were holding the door to the safe room, trying to keep it from opening.

Mini Hermes Crossbody

Jacob and Erica's home received little damage. Joe's home at the corner of Tower and Clinton roads did receive some damage, but it is livable.

Rick, who could be seen shaking hands and thanking several groups of people who had come to help on Wednesday, joined his wife.

"I'm a country girl," said Karen, who will retire this year after more than 30 years as a kindergarten teacher in the Vilonia School District. "We could move into town for a while, but city life is not for me.

Karen and Rick waited out the storm in a safe room in their middle son Jacob's house, which is less than one quarter mile from where their house once stood. Huddled with them in that room were Jacob and his wife, Erica, and their 5 year old daughter, Katy; Kenny, his wife, Rebecca, and their three children, Nicolas, 11, Kendra, 6, and Addyson, 5; Rick's brother, Joe Simon, and his three children, Noah, 15, Gabe, 13, and Izzy, 6; and Erica's sister Brandy Cook and her husband, Miu Miu Purse

"We've lived on this farm ever since we got married," she said. "This is all we've ever known."

Mini Hermes Crossbody

Mini Hermes Crossbody

On the day of the tornado, Rebecca said, at first Kenny was not concerned about the weather.

"You can't believe it happened. There were no walls there, nothing. If you had been there (inside the houses), you know you would have been dead. You think, 'What are you going to do?'"

"We'll rebuild again, but not on these same two spots. We'll find places a little farther down the road," Karen said.

"The cattle were not acting funny," she said. "But as the tornado got closer, they began to act funny. That's when Kenny said we needed to get to the safe room.

"Farming is Kenny's life," she said. "When he's not working at the extension office, he's working on the farm." Both Rebecca and Kenny work for the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, Cooperative Extension Service, in Little Rock.

´╗┐Saltillo family loses fourth home to disaster

Rick said he and Karen had been watching the weather that Sunday afternoon.

Unfortunately, Rick and Karen know too well what they have to do. This is the second time they have lost their home to a tornado they have also lost two homes to fire.

Clint, and their 2 year old son, Chandler. Joe's wife, Diana, was out of town, and Rick Miu Miu Bag Amazon

SALTILLO "God was with us," Karen Simon firmly believes.

Rebecca said she and her family are doing OK.

"We're making it. All of our kids are safe," he said when asked how he was doing.

Mini Hermes Crossbody

"This," he said as he gestured to the scene around him, "is just stuff. Our family is OK."

"And Nicolas is right there with him on the farm," she said of her son. "He works the cattle with Kenny."

Mini Hermes Crossbody

"But he got here as soon as he could," Karen said.

"That's the only way we survived," she said as she stood in front of the concrete slab that once supported the home she shared with her husband, Rick Simon, on Tower Road. Another slab could be seen Miu Miu Matelasse Wallet Red

"So we got Kenny and Rebecca and the kids and went up there. We got the wives and kids in Mini Hermes Crossbody the room, and the guys stayed outside and looked. At first, it looked kinda bad, and then in about 15 minutes, it really looked bad. We got in the safe room," Rick said.

"Kenny opened the door just a little to see, and then we had to pull it closed and hold it to keep it from opening again. We had the radio going, so when we knew the storm had passed, we got out and began to look around," Rick said. "We looked on one side, and everything looked OK. Then we looked on the other side, and Kenny said, 'Your house is gone.' Then he realized his was gone, too.

"I really didn't hear anything or feel anything. I was prepared for a hail storm.

Mini Hermes Crossbody

"I didn't know we'd been hit. After it passed, I texted 'Storm passed. We're OK.' Little did I know what I was going to see. I was not prepared for this.

Mini Hermes Crossbody

"This can all be replaced," Karen said with tears in her eyes. "My family is safe. I have to keep telling myself that."

right next door that slab was the foundation of the home of their oldest son, Kenny, and his family.

Mini Hermes Crossbody

A tornado took their home in 1982. Rick and Karen had just begun to rebuild when, in 1990, they lost their house to fire. They built another house at the same location, but tragedy struck again in 2005 when their third home was destroyed by fire from a lightning strike.

Rick and Karen rebuilt a fourth time in 2008, and that is when Kenny moved his family to the farm, which contains 210 acres. Son Jacob built his home on the farm in 2011, and son Jeremy plans to build there soon.

and Karen's youngest son, Jeremy, lives in Morrilton and was not there.

Mini Hermes Crossbody

Mini Hermes Crossbody

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