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Hermes Men Backpack

said there once were more than 1,200 dairy farms in the state. Now there are fewer than 150.

Hermes Men Backpack

Lattanzi is a first generation farmer, but said it's nice for the older farms in town to know their hard work isn't being done in vain.

"You can always do wheeling and dealing around town to get what you need," he said. "We've got a variety of soils here, and a lot of times when farmers are looking to farm, they choose the best type of agriculture for the type of soil they're working with. They have to work best with the soil."

Lattanzi recently purchased 250 baby chicks, which he keeps in a big pen in his garage with warming lamps before moving them outside to larger pens. He said in about six weeks, the chicks will be large enough to sell as meat, and he expects to sell more than 1,000 this year.

"I'm not 100 percent sure of the future of the business," he said as he stood in the barn amid the cows in their stalls. Some lay on the hay strewn floor, others munched on hay, drank water or mooed. "We've evolved over the years. We're branching out. I'm sure we'll still be here in the years to come."

What we're producing, we're using here," he said while glancing around the farm's milk bottling plant. "When wholesale prices go down, you're getting less than what it takes to keep yourself in business. When prices go so low, that's when you see more dairies going out of business. We built our bottling Hermes Men Backpack plant in October 2000, and we built it to guarantee our own price. By bottling our own milk, there are some additional costs, but you get to set your own price and make up for it. There's no middleman now."

LUNENBURG As Garrett Stillman walked through the barn at Stillman Dairy Farm on Thursday afternoon, the faint smell of manure hung in the air as bottling machines hard at work hummed in the background.

Bottling also means the farm does not have to rely just on wholesaling its milk out, he said.

Hermes Men Backpack

The town needs to help highlight that variety, he said, including helping farmers start an agricultural commission.

The diversity of farms in Lunenburg is promising for the continued growth of the town.

"What the future holds and will look like remains to be seen. It's pretty neat to know what's going on here, especially when you think about the amount of history here," he said. "It's nice to see some of the smaller farms coming back to business. . He and his four siblings are fourth generation farmers. By milking 40 cows per day, Stillman Dairy Farm provides flavored milk, and will soon expand to ice cream, cheese and yogurt.

Hermes Men Backpack

As he got older, Lattanzi made hay, and eventually took his love of farming to a new level by purchasing cows. As his farm grew, Lattanzi said he saw the need for expanded farm service in town, including knowledge and specialized equipment.

Hermes Men Backpack

"The town should take a lot of pride in its farmers and promote them," Graham said. "It's beneficial for the town to have a lot of open space. He said that as times change, he and his family have had to rework their business model not only to keep up with the times but to not lose business to other dairies.

"Most people don't even realize just how agriculturally diverse this town is," he said, while noting the only things that aren't grown in Lunenburg are cranberries, barley, wheat and hops. "There are farms other places, but nothing like here. If you drive by Walmart in town, that whole Prada Bags Winter 2017

The farm's 40 cows are milked twice a day, and allow the farm to make mostly flavored milks. He said the farm is expanding into other markets, including cheeses, ice cream and yogurt.

Hermes Men Backpack

It's just awesome to think about."

Hermes Men Backpack

Hermes Men Backpack

Stillman's father, Bud, who spends much of his time milking cows and other chores in the barn, Miu Miu Bandoliera Matelasse Crossbody Black

complex used to be nothing but farmland. We need to do everything we can to protect what we have."

´╗┐Lunenburg is county's farming capital

Hermes Men Backpack

Stillman said that while the future of the farm is never 100 percent certain, it's nice to know that his family's farm is part of a tradition in town.

His combined business of hay, beef, eggs, pork and maple syrup with the pasture management services allows him to remain successful.

Hermes Men Backpack

Hermes Men Backpack

"There aren't many towns in Worcester County with dairy farms, and Lunenburg has two. It's got a couple of commercial orchards, several vegetable growers, Christmas tree farms and livestock," he said. "I think they're very fortunate to have that."

One of the biggest changes they've made, he said, was adding bottling facilities on site so they can expand their product offerings and sell on site.

Usually, cows are put out to pasture after their morning milking and are brought inside in time to be milked again at night, he said, but because it's mud season for farmers, the cows are generally kept inside until the fields dry more. Lattanzi took up farming at age 10, when he raised chickens. He also delivered eggs to neighbors for a dollar a dozen.

He continued, "From the bottom land to the hillsides, a lot of farmers had diversity in what they could produce here. That diversity has allowed us to be a strong community. Prada Tote Bag

Hermes Men Backpack

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