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Hermes Etoupe Lindy

A USO Club was formed at the Old Chicago Eastern Illinois depot that featured a large dance floor, a lounge and dormitory space. Dances were held on Saturday nights.

Thousands worked on landing ship tanks (LSTs) on 45 acres of land off Ohio Street that had been riverfront shacks and warehouses. Navy crews in town waited to board the finished product.

couldn't buy much of anything because of the rationing and the fact that some things were Miu Miu Handbag Authentic

A Red Cross Canteen stood near the loading platform at the Louisville Nashville depot.

Housing was limited. It wasn't unusual for sleeping spaces in rental rooms to be used by three shifts of workers each day. beds, they were called.

Hermes Etoupe Lindy

´╗┐How Evansville did its part to win World War II

can recall a school bus that had been painted OD green, Bayer said. MPs would take one busload of sobered up troops back to camp I guess they had been in somebody's jail and then they'd come back to Evansville. Before too long, they'd have enough for another trip. Rawlings, 88, taught nutrition classes at the Red Cross. Her instructional supplies included pictures of Hitler sporting a set of Prada Bag Red Inside

were the days of V Mail, she said. letters would come with holes cut out from the censors. Looking back, the war didn't seem very real. Today in Iraq, the families are in constant contact with their people overseas. We know almost every detail. It was much more secret back then. My husband flew over Germany. That's all the information I had. paying job was teaching at Bosse High School. so I'd volunteer at the Red Cross Canteen at 4 in the morning. One or two troop trains would come during that time and we'd serve sandwiches. Morgan, 72, a retired engineer, recently published Front Heroes, Evansville and the Tri State in WWII. of Mount Vernon, Ind., has researched the role of Evansville area factories in the war.

International Steel, National Furniture and George Koch were some of the industries that supplied parts and equipment to make the 167 LSTs built in Evansville.

Later in the evening, Williams asked the band to play Purple. told him that song was too hard for our group, and he'd have to request something else. I hated to tell him that, but it was the truth. laughed. must've forgiven me because we ended up getting married. Bayer, 82, was on furlough at his Mount Vernon, Ind., home when the atomic bomb was dropped on Japan, putting an end to fighting in the Pacific.

Troop trains passed through Evansville every day. Grocers and restaurant owners donated food. The city had a reputation as one of the few places servicemen did not have to pay for food and drinks.

Hermes Etoupe Lindy

unavailable. If you wanted to spend some money, drinking and gambling were two avenues that stayed open.

Hermes Etoupe Lindy

horns. The slogan was, to Beat the Devil. late husband, Lawrence, flew 67 combat missions.

Evansville a wild place in those days? Oh, my yes. It was so crowded you had people living in garages. If you were a soldier and if you were hitchhiking, you got picked up as soon as you stuck your thumb out. Everybody helped everybody else because we wanted to win the war. was a strong military presence to deal with any unruly GIs.

Keller Crescent Printing turned out military training manuals. Faultless Caster contributed rifle grenade parts. Shane Manufacturing shipped out military trench coats.

Long distance courtship was challenging. If you brought your date to her front porch after the last bus parked for the night, the only way home was to catch the mail truck.

Hermes Etoupe Lindy

wrote it on his Social Security card because he said that was the one way he would never forget, the 80 year old Evansville woman recalled.

The country was unified as never before to defeat the Axis Powers. Gasoline, rubber and sugar were rationed. Women put in full shifts at the war plants and then went to the Red Cross Canteen to fix sandwiches for the troops. Single females volunteered to work second shifts so women with children could stay home.

Hermes Etoupe Lindy

Young girls traded their unwanted coffee coupons for sugar rations. They bought candy bars and gave them to troops on the trains.

Hermes Etoupe Lindy

Women's stockings were on a long list of consumer items considered too frivolous for production during the war. Some resourceful females used orange paint to make their legs look tanned.

Knitting clubs were formed and the crafted items sent to GIs overseas.

Hermes Etoupe Lindy

Doris Lamkin Hermes Etoupe Lindy played in an all girl Hawaiian band in the mid 1940s. A soldier approached her during intermission and asked if he could buy her a Coke. The conversation continued and Charles Williams sought her telephone number.

Bar and the Trocadero flourished during the war.

were going to send me to Fort Campbell to learn jungle training, he said. had cancer, and I had trench foot so it was a tough time.

American Fork Hoe manufactured bayonets. Sunbeam produced shell casings. Hoosier Cardinal made gun turret frames.

Hermes Etoupe Lindy

Factories geared up for the war effort in the months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.

Morgan has a theory why watering holes such as the Blue Miu Miu Purse Australia

Hermes Etoupe Lindy

Hermes Etoupe Lindy

Hermes Etoupe Lindy

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