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Hermes Bag Open

I don't know about you, but I need a break from bad news. I realize I'm the person charged with bringing it to you many times, but this week, I need that break more than any other.

Hermes Bag Open

Hermes Bag Open

Wheel of Death

Sweet Victory: A 13 year old girl who petitioned Hasbro to make Wallet Prada

Sarah Walters has this on her desk. Tweed jacket: check. Anchor desk: check. 12 inch waist: check. Not sure why the boy angels have halos and the girl angels don't, but it's so cute I'm not going to question it.

Hermes Bag Open

a gender neutral Easy Bake oven is getting her wish. There's a silver and black version coming out in the fall. Now, if she'd only ask them to work on the fact that it takes 45 minutes to cook four s'moresFaces in places.


Hermes Bag Open

This is one of those situations where a nickname has now become reality. We actually call this vending machine the Wheel of Death. Everyone does. Only in the newsroom.

Hermes Bag Open

This might be my absolute favorite. It's a picture of me (man, does that sound self righteous) from 1998, big hair, big earrings, dark lipstick and all. Scott Kyser liked it so much he asked me to autograph it, and he's put it on display at his desk. 1998 has never felt further away.

Hermes Bag Open

the Sound of Music? Somehow, this has morphed into a Christmas song. Other than "brown paper packages tied up with string," I detect no Christmas reference, but whatever. I don't make the playlists.

Hermes Bag Open

Hermes Bag Open

News Anchor Barbie

Anyway, it gave me an idea. To know it is Hermes Bag Open to love it. Plus, it's on the desk next to mine, so I get to chat about how awesome it is with anyone who happens by.

You know the song "My Favorite Things" from Miu Miu Red Bow Bag

Hermes Bag Open

´╗┐My 9 favorite Prada Nylon Bags Images

Hermes Bag Open

Old School Picture

Hermes Bag Open

Hermes Herbag Small Size

Miu Miu Fringe Handbag
Miu Miu Madras Zip Around Wallet
Miu Miu Grey Bag
Mini Hermes Crossbody

Hermes Belt Men Black

Miu Miu Glitter Sunglasses
Hermes Birkin Diamond

Hermes Kelly White

Hermes Toolbox 20 Price

Hermes Clutch Replica

Hermes Lindy Etoupe 26

Hermes Kelly Togo 32

Hermes Herbag Gm

Black Prada Backpack

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